Top to Bottom Event Services





Our Event Services Division can provide you with all of the power and infrastructure needed to run your event. We offer generators, cabling, and on-site mechanics and electricians to ensure that your production goes off flawlessly – from opening to closing. We have provided services for sporting events, such as The Olympics, Formula One, and the NFL Draft, and entertainment events like Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits. We’ve even serviced geographically challenged locations like Burning Man.

Your event needs power, and we can provide it.




Generators are typically diesel-loving beasts. As more event-goers express concern over the environment, biofuels are a clean and green alternative to traditional diesel. We can provide biofuel-ready generators, an ample supply of fuel, and the necessary equipment to fuel and service your site. Your current generators may actually be biofuel-ready. Our team can provide tracking and billing, giving you an accurate picture of your energy usage on site. We even have specialized equipment to navigate festival grounds, further lowering your environmental footprint. We have provided alternative fuels for sporting events, festivals like Burning Man, and even Presidential Inaugurations. Haymaker Biofuels is a turn-key solution for a cleaner event.




Do you want a top-notch festival? That’s what we do. We produce and promote shows. You plan the festival, and we’ll do the rest. Our team handles staging, talent, and promotion. We have access to the talent that will make your event memorable. In addition to negotiating with and paying talent, we can also manage your ticket sales. You just have to bring a cooler.